Director: Cirio Santiago

Starring: Deborah Tranelli, Kaz Garas

Amazon Prime-Great transfer

naked vengeance_2

Fletch the Butcher: What’s the matter with you?

Ray the Bartender: I don’t know, I guess I just don’t feel like working out today!!!

Carla: Drown bastard.

This is a 80’s revenge movie that borrows much from I Spit On Your Grave.  It starts with a “beautiful” LA actress named Carla who is out celebrating with her successful husband and he ends up getting shot and killed trying to stop a rape in progress.  After his death our leading lady decides to go back home to visit her parents and grieve over the loss of her husband.  Carla can’t escape the brutality of man, she gets sexually harassed everywhere she turns up in the redneck town of Spring Lake.  The gas station attendant, a truck driver, the lawn boy, Fletch the Butcher, the town bartender, a guy she went to high school with… pretty much every scumbag in town won’t leave her alone.   Eventually all these redneck fucks end up drunk at a bar, and decide to pay her a visit.  What ensues is a brutal gang rape, and the murder of her parents.  Scenes like this are always very uncomfortable to watch.

naked vengeance_1

At any rate the drunks leave her for dead, and she ends up catatonic in a hospital where she tricks the doctors, and sneaks out to exact her revenge.  The revenge killings are really the only fun part to this film.  The acting can be pretty lousy, the music tends to rip off the likes of Halloween (and every other horror flick) at times.   The director Santiago made a shit ton of action B films through out his career.   This seems to be the best of what he did.  (NW)


Nate Wilson: NW  Devon Cahill: DC  Matt Average: MA


Director: William Girdler
Starring: Leslie Nielsen (John Trevor), Gary Lockwood (Frank Lassiter), Nancy Kwan (Lee Su), Vic Diaz (Alok Lee), Pamela Parsons (Lynn Walker)
Music: Robert O. Ragland
Country: USA
Viewed: Streaming
Transfer Quality: Miserable


Mr. Lassiter: Stand! What’s your project?!?

Troops (in unison): Kill!

Mr. Lassiter: Again!

Troops (in unison): Kill!

A film that is truly as brilliant as its title!

I was in a rush downloading stuff to watch on a long flight, and I was lucky that this one got snared in the net. Actually, I almost turned this off a couple minutes in because it opens with a nighttime fight scene made practically invisible by the terrible transfer… just lots of white cuffs and collars flying around in the dark. However, the over-the-top hand-to-hand combat and man in flames emerging from an exploding jeep convinced me that I needed to tough this one out…and It was so worth it! Although William Girdler (The Manitou, Three on a Meathook) and cast really phone it in here while on vacation in the Philippines, they accidentally stumble into a masterpiece in the process.

The basic story is that the US military has developed an elite force of super-assassin bodyguards to counter political threats from abroad under the code name, Project: Kill. A surprisingly ripped Leslie Nielsen (Forbidden Planet, Naked Gun), plays it straight here as John Trevor, the commander of the operation, who has grown jaded because of the Project’s increased reliance on drugs and mind control in its quest to develop progressively super-human soldiers. Trevor…that’s Mr. Trevor to you…busts out of the base and makes his way to the Philippines to reunite with two former Kill members who are also, presumably, on the lam. Of course Trevor’s former second-in-command, Gary Lockwood’s Frank Lassiter (2001, Earth II)…that’s Mr. Lassiter to you…and Asian mob kingpin Alok Lee, played by legend of shlock Filipino cinema Vic Diaz (Beast of the Yellow Night, The Big Bird Cage), are in hot pursuit…the former to protect the secrets of the Project and the latter to exploit them. In the meantime, Trevor falls in love with bad transfer-defying beauty Nancy Kwan’s (Flower Drum Song, Wild Affair) Lee Su who must deal with his progressively violent withdrawal from Project: Kill’s drugs and mind control.

Although there are so many happy accidents and details to obsess over in this film: the wooden acting, the cartoonish bad guys, Pamela Parsons’ maladroit Lynn Walker, the sublime performance of Lonely World by Pilita Corrales–it’s the fight scenes that keep you coming back for more. You’ll never see someone overthrow a punch like Gary Lockwood! I kept pausing and replaying them because they were just too good to be believed.

In the end, I’m convinced that the low quality transfer actually adds to the experience of watching Project: Kill. You really have to earn it, but the payoff is big.


Nate Wilson: NW  Devon Cahill: DC  Heath Row: HR  Matt Average: MA