Director: Chris Baugh

Starring: Nigel O’Neill, Susan Lynch, Józef Pawlowski

Streaming on Netflix- Great Transfer!

bad day for cut

This is a sick revenge film about a middle aged Irish farmer who’s mother is murdered on the farm where they both live together. Mother’s head is bashed in by her own clock.  Within the next couple days some Polish stooges are sent to murder our star, Donal the farmer, by trying to make his death look like a suicide. It gets botched up by these stooges and the farmer comes out swinging.  

The rest of the film is him stumbling into a sex trafficking ring with some cool vindictive torture that the scumbags involved deserve 100%. Donal loves his double barreled shotgun, but a hot iron, a pot of beans, also do the trick.  Much of the film is the farmer finding out a ton of shit that he had no idea about in this simple life he led.  Him trying to find out why his mother was murdered is what keeps him fighting on.  I loved this dark thriller.  The main character “the farmer” is a super simple, strong and likable. 

The director is also involved in a Prime series called Tin Star.  I’ll be watching that next.  Unfortunately most of his other works are shorts.  (NW)


Nate Wilson: NW  Devon Cahill: DC  Matt Average: MA