TIN STAR (seasons 1& 2)

TIN STAR (Seasons 1 & 2)

Directed by: 10 different asshats (maybe that’s part of the problem)

Written By: another 6 fools that probably never talked to one another about what they were doing

Staring: Tim Roth, Genevieve O’Reilly, Abigail Lawrie

Viewed: on Prime

Transfer Quality: Great Transfer

Tin Star

I had very high hopes going into this series based on the involvement of Director Chris Baugh (Bad Day For The Cut which I reviewed here).   

The first season was semi interesting to me, but the end was this cliff hanger that basically pulled me into season 2 (which was a total abortion).  Season 2 was just unwatchable and downright awful.  The story was just ludicrous and so far fetched that there was zero believability in anything about it.  The acting is pretty okay, the sets and scenery are nice, but the story is just so far out of reach that I wanted to just stop watching every episode in season 2.  But you know that feeling you get after you’ve invested so much time that you need to see it through? That was me, thinking it would suddenly make sense and get better or something.  Well, seeing it through has gotten me feeling very bitter about both seasons, and pretty much every Amazon original series that I can think of.  I don’t recall even one that I’ve liked.  They all seem sucky, or maybe just watchable.  

At any rate the story is that of a ex UK undercover cop (played by Tim Roth) who has relocated to an isolated part of Canada.  He becomes the sheriff, he becomes a criminal, and a killer with a family who somehow starts to understand him and his fucked up logic and use of violence.  It’s almost as though the writing occurred as they were filming this series.  Like they were getting drunk in the cold and writing it on the fly or something.  Believe me I will not be pulled into season 3 in 2020.  There is nothing more they could do to this show then perhaps kill everyone off and start from the beginning.  This show makes Cinemax’s Banshee seem like a realistic, award winning series.  Listen up when I say not to waste your time with this crap.  The hours I lost on this I’ll never get back, and it bums me out to even think about.  Tim Roth should go back to playing Skinheads.  (NW)