Lee Ving and Get Crazy! (1983)

I can’t believe I was soooo slow to post this one. This is an obvious choice for this site: punk rock and movies. How could I be so late, and aloof? I blame society. But anyway, Cinematic Void screened Get Crazy at the Los Feliz 3 on December 11, 2021, and three guests, director Allan Arkush, Lori Eastside (Nada), and Lee Ving (Piggy) were there as well for a Q&A. Ving would break into song, mostly Italian operas, and the occasional “1-2-3-4! 1-2-3-4!”. As you can see in the photo below. The Q&A was great. Allan Arkush has a million stories, and you want to hear them all, and Lee and Lori held their own as well. I won an autographed copy of the blue ray for answering a trivia question pertaining to Iggy Pop. Who knew that a steady diet of rock magazines in my youth would reap rewards?

Lee Ving at the Los Feliz 3 for Get Crazy. Photo by Matt Average

FOXES (1980) / SUBURBIA (1984)

FOXES (1980)

Directed by Adrian Lyne

Starring Jodie Foster, Cherie Currie, Scott Baio, Kandice Stroh, Sally Kellerman, Marilyn Kagan, Randy Quaid


Directed by Penelope Spheeris

Starring Chris Pedersen, Bill Coyne, Jennifer Clay, Flea, Timothy O’Brien, Wade Walston, Maggie Ehrig



Director: Harley Cokeliss 

Writers: John Carpenter, Desmond Nakano

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton, Robert Vaughn , Lee Ving, Bubba Smith, Dan Shor, William Sanderson

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The highlight of this movie is seeing one of Linda Hamilton’s boobs in the love making scene .

I’m not sure how I’ve never seen this one, I feel as though I’ve watched just about every other ridiculous action thriller made in 1986.  I was really surprised by just how far fetched and down right stupid the story is considering John Carpenter was involved in the writing.  Most of the time I’m not even sure what’s going on… Something about a CIA guy played by Tommy Lee Jones, who somehow gets mixed up in a car theft ring and the woman working it.  One of the cars stolen is a futuristic test car that Tommy has hidden some government secret in.  After it’s been stolen… He’s on the case. The acting is actually pretty good with tons of B list character actors thrown in here and there.  Lee Ving is pretty hilarious as an enemy of Tommy’s and sporting a Members Only jacket in one of the scenes.  The music/soundtrack is down right terrible. This film really is just about as 80s as you can get, reminding me of Knight Rider meets Rockford Files (Devon is getting a boner).  The highlight of this movie is seeing one of Linda Hamilton’s boobs in the love making scene .  (NW)


Nate Wilson: NW  Devon Cahill: DC  Matt Average: MA