HELL BENT • Apocalyptic Lamentations LP (2019)

HELL BENT • Apocalyptic Lamentations LP (2019)

Armageddon Label

Atomic Action


This is some raw as fuck hardcore punk disguised as metal.  It rarely slows down and has elements of crust, D beat, traditional metal, thrash, black metal (at times)… I think it’s safe to just call this poor man’s metal or some type of crossover.  It’s like a lot of the stuff that I heard in the 80s and didn’t really get right away due to rawness and production. Well, I get it now.  This will resinate well with fans of extreme metal music for sure.  My favorite song on this was the slower one called “Ichthyosis” (track three).  It reminded me of Destructor.  Dudes cover a Znowhite tune as well.  


I hope these Rhode Island freaks keep at it putting out more records and playing some shows in NJ near me.  The band features members of Dropdead, and Ulcer.   I’m pretty glad I got this one on wax.  Great cover art as well.  (NW)


Justin Dratson: JD   Nate Wilson: NW   Matt Average: MA

RAW BREED • Collected 7″ EP

RAW BREED • Collected 7” EP

Trip Machine Laboratories

Raw Breed_1

Man from the minute I put the needle down on the wax I knew I was in for a delicious treat.  The intro song on this slab is totally boss and makes me think a little about the CRO-MAGS…hard and heavy (but with raw as hell production).  The rest of the EP might not have you thinking of the Mags so much, because the vox are so goddamned harsh…I love it!  Also the music can be pretty blazing.   

Raw Breed_2

A couple of their tunes have some of the catchiest mosh parts I’ve heard in a while. You can catch the influence of some old Boston in those parts. 

Raw Breed_3

These guys are from Denver, Colorado which seems to have a thriving HC scene these days.  At any rate, this totally reminds me of some of the cool stuff that was happening in the 90s (that tended to be more on crustier side of things) meets LIFE’S BLOOD, but with a hesher screaming for them instead of O’Toole. Hearing this was refreshing for this old fuck. (NW)


Justin Dratson: JD   Nate Wilson: NW   Matt Average: MA