Why Is This Even Collectible? Vol. 2

Band:     Blues Creation
Title:      Demon & Eleven Children (1971)
Label:    Denon (original press w/Gatefold Cover), Blow Up (1975 reissue w/single sleeve), Various unofficial reissues

Ōsawa Hiromi – Vocals
Takeda Kazuo – Guitar
Saeki Masashi – Bass
Higuchi Masayuki – Drums


This second Blues Creation LP is a crushing beast of early-70s Japanese heavy, heavy blues tinged rock not dissimilar to Sabbath overall, but with little bits of Cream, Sir Lord Baltimore, Hendrix, and of course Mountain (whose Felix Pappalardi they would later record an LP with as “Creation”) mixed in. For this effort, guitarist and founder Takeda Kazuo wisely cleaned house, assembling an entirely new line-up and forging a new direction away from the covers-only approach of their first LP towards this true masterpiece of original compositions. Demon & Eleven Children, has somewhat looser production than stoner-friendly rivals from the States and UK of the time, but packs a two-ton wallop that will leave you reeling in awe nonetheless.

On that note, this is definitely not an album to be listened to via a YouTube video or on your shitty phone speaker. A decent set of headphones will give you a serviceable experience of this recording, but I recommend cranking your stereo up loud enough that you can feel the bass ripple through the floorboards. Grab a pillow and lie down in that good shit…settle in and let the heaviness seep deep into your pores and your being.

Blues Creation recorded just one other album after this with Japanese psych hero Carmen Maki that has its moments but, honestly, underutilizes the talents of both. Blues Creation would later morph into Creation and produce a string of quite good heavy rock LPs that litter both the cheapy bins of Disk Unions across Japan as well as my personal collection.


Why is this even collectible?

Japan only pressing for Japanese market, so incredibly scarce. Incredibly stellar LP that surpasses much of the heaviness emerging from the US and Europe at the time.

Advantage: Seller. The original Denon press (gatefold) is a holy-grail item that is nearly impossible to find complete and in good shape. This (pictured) nice 1975 repress is much more common, though the meager single-sleeve is enough of a trade-off to keep collectors dreaming of an original.

Price range: The original Denon press can grab well over $1k (oof!) if complete and in decent shape. Until recently, you could sometimes snag this press (1975 single-sleeve reissue) for $50-ish, but lately I’ve not seen a complete copy go for less than $150. A few “unofficial” vinyl reissues exist, but I’ve not encountered any to report on. I’m actually surprised this never got an Akarma high-end bootleg treatment.


1.        Atomic Bombs Away (5:30)
2.        Mississippi Mountain Blues (4:05)
3.        Just I Was Born (6:18)
4.        Sorrow (7:13)
5.        One Summer Day (2:26)
6.        Brane Baster (2:00)
7.        Sooner or Later (5:13)
8.        Demon & Eleven Children (9:15)

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